How to Replace Your Flat Tire with a Spare

June 9th, 2021 by

Got a Flat? Here’s a quick guide to successfully replacing your flat tire with a spare.

You’ll need:
• Spare Tire:

It’s extremely important that the spare you have stored is the correct size for your vehicle, and to check the condition of your spare tire periodically. If you have a spare that has been stored away for a while, always thoroughly inspect the rubber for any cracks or anything that is out of the ordinary. If you need assistance, our service team here at Speck Nissan can help.

• Lug Wrench

Ensure the lug wrench is a good fit with your vehicle, and keep it stored somewhere with easy access, such as your glove box, center console, or with your spare tire.

• Car Jack & Stand

If you have not invested in a car jack yet, it’s always a great time to do so. This tool is not only handy for changing your tire, but for many other repairs, replacements and inspections.

1. After ensuring that your spare tire is perfect for your vehicle, loosen the lug nuts, but do not remove them.

2. Jack up your vehicle. Look to your car manual, ask our service team, or use online resources to find out the best areas to place a jack for your particular vehicle. This way you can ensure that your car is lifted properly and securely. It’s important that the vehicle’s parking brake is at this time to prevent roll away, as well as being parked on level ground.

3. After you know that your car is securely lifted, remove the lug nuts.

4. Take off your original tire and put the spare on. Keep your old one, as it may be able to be repaired.

5. Put the lug nuts back on, but do not screw them in fully. You’ll want to wait until the full weight of the vehicle is back on the tire before you do so.

6. Lower and take out the car jack (slowly and safely!). After the jack is removed from under the vehicle, it’s time to tighten the lug nuts.

7. Time to get back out there! Keep in mind that your spare tire is not meant for long-term driving or high speeds. Look at what the tire’s speed limit is, and head to your closest auto shop.

If you’re stuck and may need some help, you can always call our service department for advice, a talk-through, and to get your car into our shop. Call Speck Nissan at 509-837-5501!

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