New 2020 Nissan Maxima at Speck Nissan

2020 Nissan Maxima Exterior 3/4 View

The Nissan Maxima has been a household name of the auto industry as Nissan’s flagship sedan in North America. From being trim level of the Datsun 810 Maxima in 1980 to becoming the Datsun Maxima in 1983, the Maxima made its way to North America for the 1984 model year, sporting a “Nissan” badge. Many years and eight generations of the Nissan Maxima and we’re excited to see more.Get more information here!


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The Dangers of Dogs in Hot Cars

Did you know dogs can be at risk of heatstroke and brain damage inside of a car within just 15 minutes? That "quick errand" could mean a life. 

292 × 220Regardless of whether or not you park in the shade, your car can become extremely hot – especially during these Spring and Summer months. Learn more information about the effects of the hot sun on your car and your beloved best furry friend.
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