Green Driving Tips
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Get on the right track to saving time, saving fuel, and saving the planet! Earth Day is coming up, and we want to provide some great tips on reducing your carbon footprint while driving:


Avoid Aggressive Driving: Braking hard and accelerating with a lead foot causes your engine to work harder than necessary. Taking it slower and more gradually will save you from expending too much fuel during your normal drive.


Clear Out the Unnecessary Items: The weight adds up, even if your extra items are small. Having that weight added to the car creates more work for the engine when driving -- using more fuel and energy! Keep your vehicle free and clear!


Consolidate Your Trips: Those small errands completed on different days throughout the week cause many small and unnecessary trips for your vehicle. Whether you’re getting a haircut, grabbing groceries or sending a package, taking the time to complete them in all one trip will save time and fuel.

Carpool: Talk with your friends, coworkers or classmates about carpooling! Carpooling saves everyone fuel and takes traffic off the road! When taking turns driving in a carpooling group, each person will also be driving less throughout the week. You might even save time trying to find a parking spot by having less cars headed to the same destination. 


Public Transportation: Using your local public transportation system just a few times a week can greatly save your fuel and reduce your overall emission output. Public transportation is an accessible resource to use and can reduce your carbon footprint over time.

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