Fall Maintenance Tips

The leaves are changing, and the weather is cooler. As we get closer and closer to the cold of Winter, Speck Nissan wants to make sure your vehicle is running at its best this Autumn season. Here is a quick list of maintenance that we recommend for the changing of the season:
Fall Maintenance Tips Graphic with Driving Car


Check Your Fluids!

With any new season, its always a great time to check your fluids. This is the most basic yet very crucial part of car maintenance. Fluids lubricate the moving parts in your vehicle to keep them running smoothly and safely. Depending on the fluid, the engine must be warm or cold when checked, and ensure your car is on a level surface.

Fluids include*:

Engine Oil – Check when engine is cold.
Coolant – Check when engine is cold.
Brake Fluid – Check when engine is cold.
Automatic Transmission Fluid – Check when engine is warm.
Power Steering Fluid – Usually checked when engine is cold, although som
e vehicles require engine to be warm. Refer to owner’s manual.

*Please refer to your vehicle’s owner manual to find the correct type of fluids you need.

Tires and Brakes!

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Tires are the only contact your vehicle has with the road. With the Autumn season comes unpredictable weather, so it important that your tires have enough tread to take on the different textures of precipitation on the road. As the temperature gets cooler, the air pressure in your tires can decrease, so always ensure there is enough air in your tires, especially during a sudden drop in outside temperatures. Tires can not only affect the handling of your vehicle, but your braking too. Brakes should be inspected, especially after those long Summer road trips. Your brakes should be inspected a couple times throughout the year. If you are experiencing prolonged braking times or squealing, this may indicate its time for a check-up.


Lights and Wipers!
Your lights and wipers are your essential tools for proper visibility when driving through the night or in precipitation.

Did you know your visibility can be reduced up to 80% when your headlights are clouded? Consider keeping a headlight restoration kit in your garage to keep your lights nice and bright. If your headlights need to be replaced, refer to your vehicle’s owner manual to ensure you get compatible lights and get do-it-yourself instructions if you prefer replace your lights on your own.

Wipers can easily be replaced on your own, and any streaking, splitting, squeaking may indicate its time for new wipers. Since the weather is getting colder and eventually frostier, invest in a winter blend windshield fluid. Many winter blends boast protection from freezing conditions and removal of light ice and snow.

Heater and Battery!
Once the cold of winter sets, your car’s heater becomes your best friend. Ensure your heater and defroster system work properly, and blow hot air.
Some common issues if your heater is blowing cold air:
Faulty water pump
Clogged heater core
Heating control faults
Low coolant levels

If you're experience any heating issues, be sure to talk to a mechanic here at Speck Nissan so we can get you back on the road, nice and warm.

2020 Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition in Fall BackgroundAnother important thing to check before winter sets in is your battery. Car batteries do need to be replaced over time as they can lose power. The last thing you’ll want is being stranded in the middle of the Winter season with a dead battery!  We offer complimentary battery checks here at Speck Nissan, so be sure to stop in so we can take a look.

For more maintenance tips, reach out to our service team here at Speck Nissan to see what our mechanics recommend for your vehicle!

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