474 × 450One of the coolest things about a new Nissan is the Intelligent Key FOB. With integrated remote engine start, lockout protection and customization functions, there’s a lot to be excited about. With a name like “Intelligent Key”, it may take some learning to figure out how it completely works.

Ensuring your Nissan is off and all doors are closed, press the lock button – your hazard lights should flash twice and your horn beeps once. After this, all doors should be locked.

Like many, pressing the Unlock button once will unlock your driver’s door, and when pressed twice it will unlock your rear and trunk doors. Want to let the fresh air in? If your Nissan is equipped and you’ve already unlocked your doors, hold the Unlock button for longer than 3 seconds and your windows will roll down! The windows must be closed from the vehicle, as the Intelligent Key does not roll them back up. 

Keep in mind: Your keyless remote will work at a distance up to 33-ft away from your Nissan. If you find that you are having some trouble you may be too far away, your doors may not be closed all the way or your key may have a low battery.

Remote Engine Start:
To use this function, press the lock button to ensure your doors are locked. Within 5 seconds, press and hold the remote start key. When the engine is turned on, your Nissan’s parking lights will turn on, and if equipped, your climate control as well. Once started your engine will stay idle for up to 10 minutes, but if you repeat the remote start functions again, your Nissan will add an extra 10 minutes.

Hands are full? Press this quick button to open the trunk! This will only operate when the vehicle is off.

Safety, even when you're not in the vehicle is extremely important. If you're near your Nissan and feel threatened, hold down the panic button and both the alarm and headlights will turn on. 

Your Intelligent Key can also alert you if it needs attention with display warnings that can be seen in your information panel. 

Display warnings related to your Nissan Intelligent Key:

No Key Detected
If your Nissan Intelligent Key is outside of the vehicle when the vehicle is on, this warning will appear. Ensure your key is inside with you.

Key ID Incorrect
Your key must be registered to your Nissan in order for the vehicle to start. 

Key Battery Low
301 × 500This warning alert indicates it’s time to change your Nissan key battery. Want to do it yourself? First remove the mechanical key (release the lock knob on the back of the key) and then insert a thin cloth-covered small screwdriver (A) into the slit (B) and twist to take apart the top and bottom pieces. Being careful not to touch the terminals or internal circuit, replace the battery with a CR2032 or equivalent. Close the lid as shown with (C) and (D), and operate the buttons to ensure a working key fob. Just like new!243 × 197

Key System Error
If you see this message, it means there may be a malfunction to your Intelligent Key or the system. This warning will appear when the ignition is turned on. This light will display for a few moments and turn off. If it appears when your Nissan is off, you may be unable to start your vehicle. When you experience this warning, give Speck Nissan a call right away -- or schedule online!

Key Registration Complete
Adding a new key? This alert lets you know when your key’s registration is finalized.

Engine start operation for Intelligent Key System
This alert makes an appearance when your Intelligent key battery is low and your Nissan is not communicating with the key properly. Try touching your key to the ignition switch while pressing the brake pedal.

Mechanical Key:
On the back of your key, press the knob and a mechanical key will pop out. This is used to unlock doors and your glove-box. If you're using a valet service, be sure to keep your mechanical key with you to keep locked belongings safe.

There is so much more information to learn about the Nissan Intelligent Mobility Key, you can refer to your owner's manual for more information, or talk to our team here at Speck Nissan of Sunnyside.