The Nissan Frontier is not only a vehicle that has a lot of capabilities for performance on many different terrains, but it is also a vehicle that is easy to control and safe to drive in multiple weather conditions. There are certain features that have been added to the vehicle to make it a safe choice for drivers.

The Nissan Frontier has Electronic Locking Rear Differential. This comes in handy when you are in a tough part of your journey. This feature boosts traction in order to help you keep moving. Another feature to look out for in the Nissan Frontier is the Active Brake Limited Slip feature. This helps limiting the slip when by bringing power to the wheels that have the most traction.

If you want a vehicle that can handle the tougher aspects of the journey and avoid slipping on the road, we have the Nissan Frontier at Speck Nissan for you to test drive. Come visit us and check out the features.

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